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Here you will find all information about the past Origami Peace Tree Festivals.

2015 Origami Peace Tree Russia 2015
Novorossiysk, September 2015
Host: International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

Origami Peace Tree 9/11 Memorial
New York, USA, September 2011
Host: Charles B. Wang Center

2010 Origami Peace Tree Russia 2010
Novorossiysk, August 2010
Host: International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

Origami Peace Tree 2009 Argentina
"All together, folding paper
to build Peace, every day"

Rosario, May 2009
Host: Project "One Thousand Cranes for Peace"

Origami Peace Tree 2008 Romania
"Let's make the paper come to life"
Including an International Haiku Contest!

Iasi, Romania, November 2008
Host: Liceul Teoretic "Miron Costin" Iasi

Origami Peace Tree 2008 Jerusalem
"Origami Regards from the World to Jerusalem"

Jerusalem, July 2008
Host: The 'Folding Together' Origami Project

Origami Peace Tree 2007 Brazil
"Folding the art, unfolding the peace."
"Hands that fold solidary, to build a better world."

Brazil, September 2007
Host: OrigamiRIO -

Origami Peace Tree 2007 Poland
Let the birds sing, let the flowers bloom.

Poland, March 2007
Host: Polish Origami Association - Paper Phantasies

Origami Peace Tree 2006 Ukraine
The world with which you live

Ukraine, October-November 2006
Host: "YT" Club of Pershotravensk

Origami Peace Tree 2006 India
One fold... one world... one language: Origami

Mumbai, January 2006
Host: Origami Mitra, India

Origami Peace Tree 2005 Japan
The World Peace

Japan, August and September 2005
NPO Corporation Tokyo Ours Promoting Conference
"The Citizen's Festival"
International Origami Society

Origami Peace Tree 2005 Germany
All you need for peace, is a piece of paper

Münster, April-May 2005
Host: Evi Binzinger, "Origami Münster" and
Dr. Bernd Lüking
Kunst & Kultur
Volkshochschule Münster

2004_2 Origami Peace Tree 2004 USA
All Peoples Folding for Fun, Beauty and Peace

Southern California, October 2004
Host: Ms. Barbara Turner, "Origamidesigns",

Origami Peace Tree 2004 Korea
Paradise for the Children

Seoul, April-May 2004
Host: Mr. Lee Hyung Chan & Oh Kyu-Seok
"Korea Digital Media"
Korea 2004

2002 Origami Peace Tree 2002 Russia
Origami Wildlife Park

Novorossiysk, June 2002
Host: Levashov family, IAP "Peace Tree"

Origami Peace Tree 2001 Russia
Origami = Art + Education

Novorossiysk, April-May 2001
Host: Levashov family, IAP "Peace Tree"

2000 Origami Peace Tree 2000 Russia
Crane of Peace

Novorossiysk, November 2000
Host: Levashov family, IAP "Peace Tree"

We love Peace! We love Origami!