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2005 Origami Peace Tree Festival Germany

Here you can find all the people who sent their models to be shown on the Origami Peace Tree 2005 in Germany.

Abduramanova Sofi from Russia
Abduramanova Susanna from Russia
Abdynsheva L.YU. (teacher of English) from Russia
Adam Benson from England
Adushkina Anna from Russia
Akimova Alina from Russia
Alain Stenina from Russia
Alekseenko Egor from Russia
Aleksei Folomeikin from Russia
Alesha Shafeev from Russia
Alex Levashov from Russia
Alina Suttrup from Germany
Analise Zarb from Malta
Ana-Maria Potolache from Republik of Moldova
Anastasia Levashov from Russia
Andreev Alexander from Russia
Andrej Morkovin from Russia
Angelika Weselska from Poland
Angie R. Mifsud from Malta
Anita Barbour from USA
Ann Kleimola from USA
Anna Fajkasova-Zinka from Czech Republic
Anna Zikova from Russia
Annette-von-Droste-Huelshoff-Schule from Nienberge-Germany
ANO Japan Center in Vladivostok from Russia
Antje Steinberger from Germany
Aul Vera Vasilyevna (teacher) from Russia
Avdonina Luda from Russia
Badulin Gleb from Russia
Bangura Elizabeth from Ukraine
Barbara Riemann from Germany
Beate Münz from Germany
Beidik Victoria from Russia
Belim Egor from Russia
Belim Svetlana from Russia
Belyaeva Olga Gennadievna (teacher) from Russia
Beverly Walker from Malta
Bogumila Kycia from Poland
Boris Dubois from USA
Botalova Natasha from Russia
Botalova Zhenya from Russia
Bukavenko Tanya from Russia
Buruhina Tatiyana from Russia
Bystrova Victoria from Russia
Caliman Svetlana from Republik of Moldova
Carlos Andrés Carmona from Colombia
Carmen Sprung from Germany
Celina Kersting from Germany
Celine Sawicki (teacher) and pupils of a primary school from Germany
Cernat Dorin from Republik of Moldova
Chemodanov Kirill from Russia
Cheng Chit Leong from Singapore
Chibkova Ksenia from Russia
Children Center - Circle "Origami World" from Russia
Children Center from Russia
Christian Dario Bonelli from Argentina
Christina Eichenauer from Germany
Cutasevicz Roman from Republik of Moldova
Dagmar Berkenberg from Germany
Dagmar Eismann (teacher) from Germany
Daniel Lübbering from Germany
Daniel Schuldais from Germany
Danielia Gawet Borda from Malta
Danila Petrov from Russia
Daria Puda from Poland
Dasha Koosh from Russia
Dasha Ljusova from Russia
Dasha Soboleva from Russia
Dasha Tabachkova from Russia
David Moell from Australia
Degteryeva Vladena from Russia
Deshenko Michail from Russia
Diana Abramjan from Russia
Didier Piguel - creator from France
Dima Alyoshin from Russia
Dima Alyoshin from Russia
Dima Kratov from Russia
Dirk Große Westhues from Germany
Dmitry Gonchar from Russia
Doicheva Maria from Russia
Dominik Keller from Germany
Doris Buhss from Germany
Dorofeeva Anastasia from Russia
Doroshenko Iliya from Russia
Dorothee Schlott from Germany
Dorothy Engleman from USA
Dr. Ulrike Krallmann-Wenzel from Germany
Elena Caliman from Republik of Moldova
Elena Kara from Republik of Moldova
Elena Ohrimenko from Ukraine
Elizabeth Estela Nogara from Argentina
Elke Fischer from Germany
Elsy J. Bello from Colombia
Engaged Ladies from Japan
Erdmute Füllgrabe from Germany
Erkinbaeva Alia from Russia
Eshanu Alex from Republik of Moldova
Esther Günnewig from Germany
Evi Binzinger - designer and organizer from Germany
Farina Schwarz from Germany
Fernando Valero from Colombia
Florence Temko from USA
Fofanov Iliya from Russia
Fomkin Oleg from Russia
Fritz von Seidel from Germany
Furmanov Daniil from Russia
Futru Selvatico Boys' Sec. School (11 participants) from Malta
Gabriela Noemí Nogara from Argentina
Gae-Goung Kim from Korea
Galaeva Anastasia from Russia
Galina Aleksandrovna Ivanov (teacher) from Omsk-Siberia-Russia
Gautam Niwaskar from India
Gerasim Dima from Russia
Gerwin Sturm from Vienna, Austria
Getmanova Arina and her mother from Russia
Gina Hoelters from Germany
Girivenkova Victoria from Russia
Godok Efim from Russia
Golobokov Alexander from Russia
Golovina Evgeniya from Russia
Gorohova Anna from Russia
Goronova Elena from Russia
Gribullina Anastasia from Russia
Gritsenko Olesya from Russia
Grupo de Papiroflexia: Dinosaurio de Neuquén from Patagonia Argentina
Gustavo Noguera from Colombia
Haldenova Zhanna from Russia
Hedviko Hydakrok-Fony from Czech Republic
Helga Labs from Germany
Hennie Bezema-Klok from Nederland
Henrik Thoring from Germany
Hermann Focke (professional artist) from Germany
Hodkina Alina from Russia
Holger Engelmohr from Germany
Hovanchuk A. Olga from Russia
Hozman Reina from Colombia
Hramova Anastasia from Russia
Hrushikesh Sabnis from India
Hrystyna Irychuk from Ukraine
Igor Scraps from Russia
Irena Kowalczyk from Poland
Irene Degtyova from Russia
Irina Bogatova (teacher) from Russia
Irina Caliman from Republik of Moldova
Irina Lazariuk from Republik of Moldova
Irmhild Ellenberger from Germany
Isabel Hoppe from Germany
Isabell Rösmann from Germany
Iuncu Ion from Republik of Moldova
Ivanenko Marina from Russia
Ivanova Julia from Russia
Janina Happe from Germany
Janina Weinand from Germany
Janneke Wielinga from Netherlands
Javier Ruda Bart from Argentina
Jayant Kayal from India
Jonathan Rodriguez from Colombia
Jorge Eduardo Herrera from Colombia
José Arley Moreno from Colombia
José Tomas Buitrago from Colombia
Juan José Salvador Nogara from Argentina
Juan Manuel Berrios from Argentina
Julián Victoria from Colombia
Julja Novikowa from Russia
Kalinina Ksenia from Russia
Karolin Kötter from Germany
Katerina Vavru from Czech Republic
Katharina Geilenkirchen from Germany
Katherine Linsley from USA
Kathleen Knapp from USA
Katja Kireeva from Russia
Katya Mikhailova from Russia
Katya Zenkina from Russia
Keba Anna from Russia
Kenny Zambrano from Colombia
Kids & Parents from Judenau, Austria
Kim D. Yana from Russia
Kleymenova Tatiyana from Russia
Korotkikh Anna from Russia
Kostina Olga from Russia
Kostromina Ksenia from Russia
Kozhuhov Ivan from Russia
Kozlova Irina from Russia
Kristina Lebrun from Malta
Kucheruk V. Zhanna from Russia
Kuharets Anatoliy from Russia
Kvitka Tatyana from Russia
Larisa Levashov from Russia
Laura Knappik from Germany
Laura Sánchez from Argentina
Leontyeva Nadezhda from Russia
Lilia Sokolova (Director of Origami Center) from Republik of Moldova
Lilly Hakemeyer from Germany
Lilya Safutdinova from Russia
Linda Hornova-Randa from Czech Republic
Liridon Tutaj from Germany
Lisa Kamp from Germany
Liza Bonaci from Malta
Liza Romanova from Russia
Lucia Roshca from Republik of Moldova
Lyuba Ermilova from Russia
Maike Egemann from Germany
Makarov Artem from Russia
Makhmudova Zalina from Russia
Makuckai Vera Georgievna from Russia
Malikova Lilia from Russia
Manuel Gonzalo Vargas Gioria from Argentina
Marat Mamutbekov from Russia
Marco Antonio Augusto Nogara from Argentina
Maria Endo from Germany
María Graciela from Argentina
Maria Grasso from Malta
Marianne Menzi from Switzerland
Marianne Schwaab from Germany
Mariella Catania from Malta
Marika Falzon from Malta
Mario Giesbert from Germany
Marisabell Díaz Pérez from Argentina
Markiyan Ustyanyk from Ukraine
Markov Aleksey from Russia
Marlene Töpser from Germany
Marta Vavzykovych from Ukraine
Martin Radzieowski from Germany
Martin Shih from Taiwan
Martina Barkanowitz from Germany
Maryna Scherbyna from Ukraine
Mascha Kosuchina from Russia
Maslova Alena from Russia
Matthias Eichel from Germany
Matvei Gorelov from Russia
Max Roosen from Germany
Maxim Djomin from Russia
Maxim Egorov from Russia
Maxine N. Dickerson from USA
members of group of girl scouts origami from Czech Republic
Michelle Galea from Malta
Mikael Myllymaeki from Finland
Milada Blahova (creator) from Czech Republic
Mille Gru per la Pace from Italy
Misha Drigo from Russia
Mitia Pomazenkov from Russia
Molchanov Stepan from Russia
Monika Sturm from Vienna, Austria
Moritz Lauterbach from Austria
Myhaylo Didyk from Ukraine
Myhaylo Korchynsky from Ukraine
Myla Bortz - intern. School of Duesseldorf from Philippines
Nabokikh Dima from Russia
Nadine Schöning from Germany
Nasrja Kuralenko from Russia
Nastja Gusarova from Russia
Nastja Parvjonowa from Russia
Nastya Marchuk from Russia
Nastya Sultanova from Russia
Natalia Ivanivna Bilyk (leader of the group) from Ukraine
Natalia Scherbyna from Ukraine
Nick Robinson from Great Britain
Niclas Seveker from Germany
Nikitina Irina from Russia
Nikolaichuk I.V. (the head) from Russia
Odelia Vassalo from Malta
Oksana Yamkova from Ukraine
Olga Ponomaryova from Russia
Onishuk Polina from Russia
Ostrovskaya Kristina from Russia
Parfenova Ludmila (teacher) from Russia
Pasha Pokrasenko from Russia
Pashinyan David from Russia
Paul Staal from Netherlands
Pavlov A. Aleksey from Russia
Peter Breitler from Judenau, Austria
Petrenko Igor from Russia
Petrov Petya from Russia
Pia Wiemer from Germany
Pieter Wielinga from Netherlands
Pokrasenko Margarita from Russia
Poleva Natasha from Russia
Polina Minenko from Russia
Polyakova Svetlana from Russia
Postnikov Gennadiy (creator) from Russia
Priymashenco Nadya (teacher) from Ukraine
Protopopova Olga from Russia
Protsenko Valeria from Russia
Rakunova I. Svetlana from Russia
Ramón Jesus Torés from Argentina
Rezchikova Daria from Russia
Rita Foelker from Brazil
Rodeonenkova Olga from Russia
Roman Nesterov from Russia
Romanyuk Viktoriya from Ukraine
Rus Adrian from Romania
Rusu Angela from Republik of Moldova
Ruth Eisenmenger from Germany
Ruth Weitzel from Germany
Sabine Breitler from Judenau, Austria
Sabine Dirks from Germany
Sadilova L.A. (origami teacher) from Russia
Safonichev Vladislav from Russia
Samofayev Eugeniy from Russia
Sandul Roman from Russia
Sarah Ei-Meharram from Malta
Sasha Krasnov from Russia
Sebastian Staudinger from Germany
Semenova Oksana from Russia
Sergei Vorobjov from Russia
Seth I Meyer from USA
Shapkina N. Anna from Russia
Shari Fürniss from Germany
Shevchenko Alina from Russia
Sheyanova Alena from Russia
Silke Deinert from Germany
Silvia Steinberger from Germany
Silviu Botnarash from Republik of Moldova
Simachenko Lyudmila from Ukraine
Sir Luigi Preziosi Girls' Sec. School from Malta
Sirotkin Pasha from Russia
Slobodyanyuk Viktoriya from Ukraine
Soloviova Ksenia from Russia
Sophia Scholtes from Netherlands
Soukharevsky Olga from Ukraine
St. Joseph Junior Lyceum - Paola (5 participants) from Malta
Stas Bravitskiy from Russia
Stephan Haslebacher from Switzerland
Strigunova Elizaveta from Russia
Suhodolskiy Artem from Ukraine
Suhomlinova Ann from Russia
Sumarokova E. Olga from Russia
Suniti Bhat from India
Suprin Sasha from Russia
Surkov Andrea from Russia
Svenja Kamps from Germany
Svetlana Belim S.N. (the head) from Russia
Svetlana Kaloeva from Russia
Svetlana Oparicheva from Russia
Swapnil Shinde from India
Sweta Brusenina from Russia
Syasin A. Uriy from Russia
Taisiya Ischenko from Ukraine
Tanja Heep from Germany
Tatjana Sergantova from Russia
Temercheva Irina from Russia
The centre of creativity for children and youth from Halychyna- Ukraine
The founder - circle "Origami" Club young technicov from Ukraine
Tim van Bevern from Germany
Tishkevich Ananstasia from Russia
Trees Daalder from Netherlands
Tsai Anna from Russia
Tury Lyudmila from Ukraine
Ulrike Kleiner from Germany
Uskova Elena from Russia
Ute Winninghoff from Germany
Valentina N. Dyogteva (teacher of additional education) from Russia
Valentina V. Gonchar (teacher and creator) from Russia
Valera Sparrows from Russia
Vanja Dankovcev from Russia
Vasilieva Svetlana from Russia
Velichko Ekaterina from Russia
Veronika Korchemna from Ukraine
Vesel`sky Dmytro from Ukraine
Vidyadhar Mhatre from India
Vishvas V. Deval from India
Vladimir Bogatov from Russia
Volker Sayn from Germany
Volkova Violetta from Russia
Vorobiev Vyacheslav from Russia
Votintsev Andrey from Russia
Vrinda Kuvalekar from India
Werner Rückemann (teacher) from pupils of the W.-H. high school
Wilhelm Möller from Germany
Xander Arena from USA
Xolomeeva Lubov from Russia
Yakubovitch Alena from Russia
Yamashita Atsumi from Russia
Yartsev Jenya from Russia
Yermolayeva Olga from Russia
Young Technicians Station - the origami studio from Russia
Yulia Vasilenko from Russia
Yurij Prokopenko from Ukraine
Yuriy Bundz from Ukraine
Yurlova Katya from Russia
Zaporozhets Kristina from Russia
Zheleznyak Polina from Russia
Zhitomyr Children Centre of Scientific and Technic Art from Ukraine
Zhukov Georgiy from Russia
Zikina Olga from Russia
Zoryana Stepanyshyn (teacher) from Ukraine
Zoya Bohdan (teacher) from Ukraine
Zvezdova Masha from Russia