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2004 Origami Peace Tree Festival United States

Here you can find all the people who sent their models to be shown on the Origami Peace Tree 2004 in the USA.

A.H. Troost Faber from Noordwukerhout, The Netherlands
Adam Hoffman, from Ohio, USA
Adela Zawadzka from Krakow, Poland
Agustín Alejandro Milam from Neuquén, Argentina
Aida Urrutia from Santiago, Chile
Alejandro Duenas from Huancavelica, Peru
Alex Gerasimor from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Alex Pizarro from Lima, Peru
Alexandr Levashov from Novorossiysk, Russia
Alexandra Gabrielyan from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Alice Hoffman from Ohio, USA
Alicia Diaz-Pérez from Neuquén, Argentina
Alvaro Munoz from Lima, Peru
Amir RaLupov from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Anastasia Galaeva from Omsk, Russia
Anastasia Levashov from Novorossiysk, Russia
Ania Pawiak from Myslenice, Poland
Anna Tekhnoryadora from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Artem Smirnov from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Belim Egor from Omsk, Russia
BeLim Svetlana from Omsk, Russia
Brad Hori from California, USA
Bree Pavese from Neuquén, Argentina
Carlos Alberto Zavala H. from Lima, Peru
Carlos Pomarino from Lima, Peru
Charlene Wiles-Perry from North Carolina, USA
Cheong Ming Tong from Rio DeJaneiro, Brasil
Christina A Ramirez from California, USA
Cindy Reynolds from Florida, USA
Corinne A.Didisheim from Missouri, USA
Cristina Pavlova from Saratov Russia
Daniela Walter from Neuquén, Argentina
Danila Shepelev from Saratov Russia
Dasha Soboleva from Saint Petersburgh, Russia
David Moell from Tasmania, Australia
David Tran from California, USA
Delrosa Marshall from New York, USA
Dmitry Galaev from Omsk Russia
Dmitry Gonchar from Moscow, Russia
Dorothy Engleman from California, USA
Edgar Nicolás Rodriguez from Neuquén, Argentina
Edyta Duda from Myslenica Poland
Elena Goronova from Omsk, Russia
Estela Elizabeth Nogara from Neuquén, Argentina
Evgenia Tekhnoryadora from Saint Petersburg
Evgeniya V.Filatova from Moscow, Russia
Ewa Starzak from Myslenica, Poland
Flavia Haidee Llambí from Neuquén,  Argentina
Florence Temko from San Diego, California USA
Francisca Carrillo from Santiago Chile
Frantisek Grebenicek from Kolin, Czech Republic
Fumiko Kusafuka from Japan
Gabriel Mariano Cardador from Neuquén,  Argentina
Gabriela Noemí Nogara from Neuquén,  Argentina
Gerwin Sturm from Vienna, Austria
Helen L. Brogan from Georgia USA
Hiromi Ikeda from Japan
Hitomi Yokota from Japan
Ilja Rjabov from Saratov Russia
Irene Dyogteva from Ozyorsk, Russia
Irene Edie from Santa Maria, California, USA
Isolda Levy from Rio DeJaniero, Brasil
Ivan Svatlovskiy from Reni, Moldova
Izabella Ralska from Myslenice, Poland
Jassu from Kyoungsangnam-do, Korea
Javier Velasquez from California, USA
Jean Baden-Gillette from Queens, New York, USA
Joe Hamamoto from California, USA
John Alvarez from Ventanilla, Peru
Jonathan Baxter from Auckland, New Zealand
Jonathan Huarhua from Ventanilla, Peru
Jose Alberta Huaman Z. from Lima, Peru
Jose Coaquira from Ventanilla, Peru
Jose Tomas Buitrago from Palmira,Valle Colombia
Juan Andres Melgarejo from Santiago, Chile
Juan Carlos Nogara from Neuquén, Argentina
Juan José Salvador Nogara from Neuquén,  Argentina
Julja Novikova from Saratov Russia
Karen Meek from California, USA
Karolina Fraczek from Krakow, Poland
Karolina Kamyczura from Krakow, Poland
Kasia Chlebicka from Myslenice, Poland
Katarzhna Pecak from Krakow, Poland
Kcenia Skipkova from Omsk, Russia
Kim Jin Won from Korea
Kinga Gorka from Myslenica, Poland
Konrad Bienias from Krakow, Poland
Larisa Levashov from Novorossiysk, Russia
Leandro Ricardo Cardador from Neuquén,  Argentina
Leticia Lucila Diaz-Péréz from Neuquén, Argentina
Loes Schakel-Sandifort from Middelburg, The Netherlands
Lyubov Yermilova from Ozyorsk, Russia
Manuel Vargas from Neuquén, Argentina
Marcela Stocovaz from Neuquén, Argentina
Marcin Franczyk from Krakow, Poland
Marco Antonio Augusto Nogara from Neuquén, Argentina
Margarite Glassier from California, USA
María Carolina Jure from Neuquén, Argentina
Maria Cebula from Krakow, Poland
María Cristina Diaz-Pérez from Neuquén, Argentina
María Graciela Diaz-Pérez from Neuquén, Argentina
María Isabel Díaz-Pérez from Neuquén,  Argentina
Mariko Tadano from Japan
Martyna Skora from Myslenica, Poland
MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson from New York, USA
Max McCurdy from Louisana,USA
Maxine N.Dickerson from Arkansas, USA
Meenakshi Mukerji from California, USA
Michal Turek from Krakow, Poland
Milton Bogossian from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mirek Bogacz from Krakow, Poland
Mizuki Osano from Yamanashi, Japan
Monika Hodurek from Myslenica Poland
Nikita Nikolaev from Saratov Russia
Olga Kusnecova from Saratov Russia
Pat Mumbauer from California, USA
Patricio Kunz from Santiago, Chile
Paula Rymarczyk from Krakow, Poland
Paula Zygadlo from Krakow, Poland
Petr Caslava from Jalubi, Czech Republic
Polina Nemikina from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Ralph J Begley from California, USA
Regina Romanova from Saratov Russia
Riley Scheetz from California, USA
Rose Malinconico from Bayside, New York, USA
Ruben Gimenez from Neuquén, Argentina
Saeko Yamamura from Japan
Sally Wilson from Texas, USA
Sandra Rafaela Llambí from Neuquén, Argentina
Sasha Chirikov from Saratov Russia
Sergantova Tatjana Borisovna from Saratov Russia
Sergei Novichkov from Saratov Russia
Shin Han-Gyo from Seoul, Korea
Shoya Osano from Yamanashi, Japan
Steve Morisi from Queens, New York, USA
Tatiyana Kleymenova from Omsk, Russia
Teresa Muñoz from Neuquén, Argentina
Trees Daalder from Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Valentina N. Dyogteva from Ozyorsk, Russia
Valentina Tcukanora from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Valentina V.Gonchar from Moscow, Russia
Vera Makutskaya from Omsk, Russia
Vera P Sosedova from Ulan-Ude, Buriatie, Russia
Victor Meneses from Santiago, Chile
Vlad Tokmakov from Pershotravensk, Ukraine
Wai Wai Thwin from Yangon, Myanmar
Wolf Hodgkinson from California, USA
Ylia Lavina from Omsk, Russia
Yuka Hattori from Japan
Zdzislaw Grocholski from Krakow, Poland