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2008 Origami Peace Tree Festival Romania

The OPT team Romania wants to thank, first of all, Mrs. Larisa, Mrs. Anastasia and Mr. Aleksandr Levashov, the IAP founders, for the opportunity and the support they have offered us in organising such a unique event in Romania.

We also want to thank the special guests Mrs. Lilia Socolova and Mrs. Tatiana Reaboi (The Origami Center of the Republic of Moldavia), Mrs. Eiko Ishiguro and Mr. Yuki Masuda (Japan), who have honoured us with their presence, as well as Mrs. Rachel Katz (the USA), Mr. John Smith (the UK) and Mrs. Magdalena Jonowiec (Poland), who, for objective reasons, could not arrive in Iasi.

Likewise, we thank all our participants in the activities included in the project, our guests, partners, co-workers, supporters, sponsors, donators and media partners.

Special thanks to the following persons: Mr. Gerwin Sturm (Austria), Mrs. Ionuta and Mr. Koichi Iwanaga (Japan), Mr. Vasile Isan, Mrs. Gianina Masari, Mr. Sorin Medrihan, Mrs. Irina Roibu, Mr. Sorin Maziliu (Iasi, Romania), Mrs. Magdalena Dale and Mr. Corneliu Traian Atanasiu (Bucharest, Romania) for their contribution to the success of our festival.

...and do not forget: Let's make the paper come to life!