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2004 Origami Peace Tree Festival Korea

We much appreciate the opportunity of personal thanking everyone who was helpful in making the Origami Peace Tree Festival possible.


Akira YoshizawaJapan
Jonathan BaxterNew Zealand
Antonio CoianaItaly
Brigitte ParryBelgium
Jose Tomas BuitragoColumbia
Leong Cheng ChitSingapore
Nicolas TerryFrance
Patrick BergeotFrance
Thiago Alexandre dos SantosBrazil

Korea Digital Media Staff:
Lee Hyeog-ChanPresident
Oh Kyu-SeokFestival Host
Lee In-Kyeong, Seo Won-SunMain curator & Modeler
Jang Jae-Hoon, Kim Kyeong-Hye, Shim Tae-SikArrangement Commitee
Kang Jong-WonArt Designer
Lee So-HuiSupporter
Ko Wu-Sang, Dr. Shin Hui-YeongAdvisers

We cooperated with "Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation" and raised money for the young patients.

Seoul National University Children's Hospital
Hi Seoul Festival
New Life for the Children
"MBC" the broadcast corporation