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Origami Peace Tree Russia 2015

Here you can find all the people who sent their models to be shown on the Origami Peace Tree 2015 in Russia.

Hennie Bezema Klok from Netherlands
Semen Andreev from Russia
Adiela Botha from South Africa
Phelinseva Nelay from Russia
Phelinseva Alina from Russia
Djemankylov Marat from Russia
Koshetkov Timyr from Russia
Egorova Margarita from Russia
Pashaskay Alina from Russia
Jan Fabianczyk from Poland
Piotr Makowski from Poland
Marcel Milewski from Poland
Michal Majerczak from Poland
Irene Tanabe from Brazil
Ludmila Ivanova from Russia
Ilya Janovski from Russia
Victoriya Dripan from Russia
Zhang Songlion from China
Wang, Wenming from China
Larisa Manchenko from Russia
Alexander Sergienko from Russia
Vasiliy Vershinin from Russia
Laszlo Horvath from Hungary
Pham Qui from Vietnam
Nguen Ly from Vietnam
Artur Kolesov from Latvia
Olga Korotchenko from Tajikistan
Anastasia Levashova from Russia
Alex Levashov from Russia
Larisa Levashova from Russia
Yang, So-Hui from South Korea
Shin, Ji-Hye from South Korea
Ryu, Ji-San from South Korea
Ryu, Ji-Min from South Korea
Rho, Yu-Jeong from South Korea
Rho, Yu-Jeong from South Korea
Park, Myo-Jeong from South Korea
Park, Hye-Seong from South Korea
Park, Hye-Min from South Korea
Park, Geon-Young from South Korea
Oh,Eun-Ji from South Korea
Oh, Su-Mi from South Korea
Moon, Ye-Ji from South Korea
Lee,Se-Hui from South Korea
Lee, Se-Yeon from South Korea
Lee, Jun-Ho from South Korea
Lee, Jeong-Wu from South Korea
Lee, Jeong-Hyeok from South Korea
Lee, Hye-Na from South Korea
Lee, Dong-Gyu from South Korea
Kwon, Wui-Hyeok from South Korea
Kwon, Do-Hyeok from South Korea
Kwak, Min-Ji from South Korea
Ko, Hye-Jin from South Korea
Kim,Yo-Han from South Korea
Kim,Geon-Hui from South Korea
Kim, Na-Gyeong from South Korea
Kim, Min-Je from South Korea
Kim, Min-Gyun from South Korea
Kim, Jin-A from South Korea
Kim, Ji-Hu from South Korea
Kim, Jan-Hui from South Korea
Kim, Jae-Hyeon from South Korea
Kim, Hye-Mi from South Korea
Kim, Hui-Jeong from South Korea
Kim, Ga-Eun from South Korea
Kim, Bo-Min from South Korea
Jo,Su-Yeon from South Korea
Jo, Su-Yeon from South Korea
Jo, Su-Min from South Korea
Jo, Su-Min from South Korea
Jo, Ji-yeon from South Korea
Jeong,Ha-Yeon from South Korea
Jeong, Da-Hyeon from South Korea
Jeon, Chan-Mi from South Korea
Jang, Yu-Jin from South Korea
Hwang, Yun-Jeong from South Korea
Hwang, Hye-Kyeong from South Korea
Hong, Ji-Eun from South Korea
Heo, Yu-Na from South Korea
Cheon, Min-Young from South Korea
Bok,Su-Kyeong from South Korea
Ahn, Su-Jeong from South Korea
Ahn, Su-Jeong from South Korea
Baek, Ji-Min from South Korea
Elras from Germany
Pascal from Germany
Marie from Germany
Justus from Germany
Felix from Germany
Pascal from Germany
Sulius from Germany
Nina from Germany
Lixi Mahen from Germany
Anne from Germany
Katy Bayless from USA
Origami Oritai Members from India
Njeri Cayton from USA
Nduta Cayton from USA
Laura Naemura from USA
Lori Festa from USA
Sylvia Giberh from USA
Pahomov Igor from Russia
Storojeva Polina from Russia
Preeti Mital from India
Hitomi Ashta from India
Ruchie Bhalla from India
Shikha Rajvanshi from India
Indrani Pal from India
Vasudha J.Mehta from India
Damir Shakirov from Russia
Ekaterina Rodionova from Russia
Dmitriy Govorov from Russia
Angelina Eremeeva from Russia
Vazgen Karakyan from Armenia
Vasilsa Egorova from Russia
Maxim Dovlatov from Russia
Iren Davitadze from Georgia
Sergey Vdovin from Ukraine
Potap Vlasenko from Ukraine
Alena Ivanko from Ukraine
Sasha Sergienko from Ukraine
Lucas Gonsales from Brazil
Maria Pereira from Brazil
Tomas Cordeiro from Brazil
Tiago Gomes from Brazil
Robertos Spanidis from Greece
Nocolae Vasilescu from Moldova
Elena Vasilescu from Moldova
Maria Antonia Dias from Portugal
Marat Hadzhebiekov from Russia
Diana Toguzakova from Russia
Asia Petrosova from Russia
Ivan Urchenko from Russia
Artem Shirokov from Russia
Margo Cheremisova from Russia
Katia Perepechenova from Russia
Leonid Merkulov from Russia
Anastasiya Kislitsa from Russia
Egor Znamenskiy from Russia
Matvey Zhukov from Russia
Sonya Diordieva from Russia
Alisiya Burtasova from Russia
Egor Burtovoy from Russia
Filix Hrisanov from Russia
Kirill Alpatov from Russia
Andrey Govoruhin from Russia
Yaroslav Kislitsa from Russia
Miroslav Velikiy from Russia
Alexander Blinov from Russia
Alisa Urovskaya from Russia
Maria Gizik from Russia
Daria Chernoglazova from Russia
Arina Azimova from Russia
Anna Redchenko from Russia
Maxim Cherlianskiy from Russia
Yana Ivachenko from Russia
Polina Ivanova from Russia
Uliana Frolova from Russia
Mikhail Tarasov from Russia
Alexander Kovalchuk from Russia
Polina Malaya from Russia
Iliya Polatchi from Russia
Polina Kovalskaya from Russia
Sabrina Kongolidi from Russia
Zhukova Vasilisa from Russia
Liza Bolotova from Russia
Vasiliy Potapov from Russia
Anna Ivachenko from Ukraine
Oksana Vasilenko from Ukraine
Anton Redkozubov from Ukraine
Ilia Petrosovich from Ukraine
Olga Sidorenko from Ukraine
Marat Kadoev from Russia
Jesse De Vries from Netherlands
Ondřej Mlynář from Czech Republic
Lucas Casado from Spain
Hugo Lopes from Spain
Andrey Ivanov from Russia
Natasha Ivanova from Russia
Manuel Bursuk from Moldova
Dan Lupesku from Moldova
Bianca Mokanu from Moldova
Sergey Oliferenko from Russia
Aisha Kim from Kazahstan
Alihan Omarov from Kazahstan
Svetlana Ivanova from Russia
Renat Dasaev from Russia
Bogdan Oliferov from Russia
Maria Sidorkina from Russia
Petr Ivaschenko from Russia
Vlad Nikolaev from Russia
Olga Porhanova from Russia
Igor Sergeev from Russia