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The 2nd Origami Peace Tree Project

"Origami = Art + Education"

"I believe that origami carries the message of peace to everyone in the world"
Akira Yoshizawa

The 2nd Origami exhibition of the international Origami Peace Tree Project is a gift to Akira Yoshizawa, the world famous Master of Origami, by his 90th birthday in 2001 from all members of the project.

Origami in Education

The more hands are developed
The better brain will be developed

Educational benefits of the art of Origami are:

  • Development of Accuracy
  • Development of Patience
  • Development of Social skills
  • Development of Art awareness
  • Development of Fantasy
  • Development of Quick-wittedness
  • Development of Remembrance
  • Development of Creative thinking
  • Development of Imagination
  • Development of Intellectual, Artistic and Motor skills
  • A link to Math
  • Community Building
  • There are no Ethnic, Language or Countries barriers for the Art of Origami.

If you look for more information concerning Origami and Education we recommend to visit some Web sites:

British Origami Society - David Lister's articles
Origami USA
John Smith's site
Joseph Wu's site
Tom Hull's site

The "ORIGAMI = ART + EDUCATION" exhibition under the Origami Peace Tree Project has been opened from April 24 until May 09, 2001 in the State Historical Museum Exhibition Hall in Novorossiysk, Russia.

There were 380 Origami models and ornaments of the 159 participants from 25 countries on the Peace Tree.

There are 56 nice post cards from 25 countries and a lot of photographs of the folders from all over the World, all of these located around the Peace Tree.

We have been holding Origami classes for students of the local schools, colleges and institute and the Origami competition on May 06th.

While excursion time we have tried to introduce Origami models of all participants to visitors of all ages.

Everybody had possibility to see Origami models from around the World and enjoy views of AUSTRIA: Vienna; GERMANY: Munster; THE NETHERLANDS: Eindhoven, Texel; FRANCE: Thoiry; HUNGARY: Kecskemet, Jzsak; ITALY: Venice; SINGAPORE: Singapore; RUSSIA: Eniseysk, Kazan, Ulan-Ude, Severobaikallsk, Moscow, Novorossiysk, Omsk, Saransk, Krasnoyarsk, Kursk, Temruk-Krasnodar region, Ozersk-Chelyabinsk region, Agidel-Bashkortostan, St.Petersburg; THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Santa Monica, CA, Santa Maria, CA, Lincoln ,NE, Charlotte, NC; DENMARK: Kalundborg; INDIA: Chenai; PANAMA: Panama; UKRAINE: Pervomaysk; SWITZERLAND: Geneve; BRAZIL: Sao Paolo; ARGENTINA: La Plata; COLOMBIA: Cartagena; JAPAN: Yamanashi; AUSTRALIA: Lenah Valley, Tasmania; KOREA: Inchon; CANADA: Edmonton; ISRAIL: Kubic Hanita; THE UNITED KINGDOM: Cambridge, Welwin Garden City; PORTUGAL: Porto; ARUBA: Oranjestad; MEXICO: Guaymas;


for your love to the art of Origami,

for your interest in the Origami Peace Tree Project-2,

for your nice Origami models,

for your beautiful post cards and pictures.

If you have any questions or comments concerning "The Origami Peace Tree Project" or any other ones please sent your e-mail to me, Alex Levashov or to our Guestbook.