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2004 Origami Peace Tree Festival United States

"All Peoples Folding for Fun, Beauty, and Peace"

The Organizers:
Ms. Barbara Turner, "Origamidesigns",
International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

The Host:
Ms. Barbara Turner, "Origamidesigns",

One Square, Many Folds
Many Cultures, One World Together

"In the art of origami, it requires a few or many folds. These are done in order and sequence to complete a simple, beautiful, or even complicated model of art. In our world of many people, it will require the cooperation of all peoples -- each voice important like a fold, each step in the sequence, all coming together to reach the goal of all peoples, peacefully living together in our one world. "

Dates: October 13th - 30th, 2004

About 150 participants from 17 countries have taken part in the 5th Origami Peace Tree festival.

All Origami models were sent with Love and Peace.