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The 1st Origami Peace Tree Project

"Crane of Peace"

We are very glad to inform you the Origami Peace Tree has already existed. The first exhibition of the Origami Peace Tree Project has been held from November 17th until December 03rd, 2000 in the State's Historical Museum exhibition hall in the center of Novorossiysk, in the South of Russia.

The first exhibition of the Project, titled "Crane of Peace", was dedicated to the 55th anniversaries of the Second World War End and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear tragedy.

The invitation to be participants of the Project have been sent to many countries of Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa to Origami societies, centers, groups, well-known Origami designers and to everybody who likes Peace and Origami.

There were 184 Origami models and compositions of 87 participants from 18 countries on the Peace Tree.

The Project's artificial tree is a light, fully collapsible construction made of aluminum pipes with a height of 5m, a diameter of 3.5m and a total weight of about 60 kg. The construction consists of 2 parts: The upper part (height of 3.5m) is the origami tree with the models, the globe and the big crane folded from paper of the State's flags on top. The lower part are the information desks where there are 74 nice post cards from 18 countries and some photographs of the Origami Center of Novorossiysk. These desks are located around the tree.

One of the walls in the exhibition hall was decorated with 1280 traditional cranes folded by pupils during our project "Crane of Peace" for children of Novorossiysk.

We have been taking daily Origami classes for our guests during two weeks and have held a Origami competition on December, 3rd. A lot of people from Novorossiysk and from our region have visited and left their kind records about beautiful art of Origami in our guestbook.

Everybody had possibility to see Origami models from around the World and enjoy views of AUSTRIA: Leoben, Wien; BRAZIL: Sao Paolo. DENMARK: Kobenhavn; FRANCE: Paris, Bretagne, Thoiry; GERMANY: Hannover, Neustadt, Frankfurt, Husum; HUNGARY: Kecskemet, Debrecen, Budapest; INDIA: Chenai; ITALY: Venice, Agordo; MALAYSIA: Kuala Lumpur; MEXICO: Guaymas; PANAMA: Panama; RUSSIA: Eniseysk, Moscow, Novorossiysk, Omsk, Shatura; SINGAPORE: Singapore; SPAIN: Barcelona; SWITZERLAND: Geneve; THE NETHERLANDS: Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Noordwijkerhout, Klimmen; THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Houston, Atlanta, Sandwich Ms., Phoenix Ar, Chicago, New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale Fl.; UKRAINE: Pervomaysk;

We are, Larissa, Alex and Anastasia,
for your love to the art of Origami,
for your interest in the Peace Origami Tree Project,
for your nice, interesting Origami models,
for your excellent post cards with views of your beautiful countries.

If you have any questions or comments regarding "The Origami Peace Tree Project" or any other ones please sent your e-mail to: or to our Guestbook.