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2008 Origami Peace Tree Festival Jerusalem

We much appreciate the opportunity of thanking everyone who was helpful in making the Origami Peace Tree 2008 Jerusalem Festival possible.

Thanks to the overseas guests Joel Stern, Ruthanne Bessman, Larry and Judy Hart, Pieter and Jannika Weilinga, Hagit Shalev, Debra Winograd, Faye Goldman, Irene Rosenburg and special guest Eric Joisel.

Thanks to Nuha Gul, principal of the Melawe'er School in East Jerusalem, and Michal, principal of the Gilo A School.

Special thanks to Nivin, the Arab sector coordinator of the Israeli Origami Center.

Thanks to Gila Oren, Ilan Garibi, Gadi Vishne and Boaz Shuval for their help and support.