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The 1st Origami Peace Tree Project

Here you can find all the people who sent their models to be shown on the 1st Origami Peace Tree.

Gerwin Sturm from Vienna, Austria
Monika Hintz from Leoben, Austria
Renate Hintz from Leoben, Austria
Elisabeth Hintz from Leoben, Austria
Vlad Tokmakov from Pervomaysk, Ukraine
Svetlana Belim from Omsk, Russia
Martin Himenez from Phoenix, USA
Leo Bartolli from Venice, Italy
Zsuzsanna Kricskovics from Kesckemet,Hungary
Trees Daalder from Eindhoven, The Netherlands
A.H.Troost Faber from Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
Paolo Campedel from Agordo, Italy
Robert Stivenson from Miami, USA
Heinz Probst from Neustadt, Germany
Marion Probst from Neustadt, Germany
Irina Bogatova from Moscow, Russia
Lena Uskova from Moscow, Russia
Nailia Fattahutdinova from Moscow, Russia
Nastia Chubukova from Moscow, Russia
Vitaly Vinokhodov from Moscow, Russia
Andrey Ivanov from Eniseysk, Russia
Alexandra Kalashnikova from Eniseysk, Russia
Maria Borovskih from Eniseysk, Russia
Nadia Nemchinova from Eniseysk, Russia
Katia Aksianova from Eniseysk, Russia
Dasha Zhigalova from Eniseysk, Russia
Vera Yaroslavtseva from Kazan, Russia
Nastia, Lena, Vera, Matvey from Kazan, Russia
Dima Groshev from Kazan, Russia
Francis Ow from Singapore, Singapore
Greg Frost from Houston, USA
Roberta Klinsen from Chicago, USA
Silvia Franklin from Sandwich, USA
Daniel Jackman from Atlanta, USA
Mark Stivenson from Fort Lauderdale, USA
Tamara Florova from Moscow, Russia
Ira Kitaeva from Moscow, Russia
Ivan Kozirev from Moscow, Russia
Valeria Tarasova from Moscow, Russia
Karina Chursina from Moscow, Russia
Pavel Reshetnikov from Moscow, Russia
Zoya Mazurova from Moscow, Russia
Ivan Kovalev from Moscow, Russia
Valentina Gonchar from Moscow, Russia
Dmitriy Gonchar from Moscow, Russia
Lorinczi Rihard from Debrecen, Hungary
Miklovicz Karoly from Debrecen, Hungary
Nagy Jeno from Debrecen, Hungary
Takacs Erika from Debrecen, Hungary
Varga Katalin from Debrecen, Hungary
Vinkler Jozsef from Debrecen, Hungary
Vinkler Tamas from Debrecen, Hungary
Papp Kalmanne from Debrecen, Hungary
Ernesto R.Ramos.C. from Guaymas, Mexico
Ko Chang.L. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
P.Ramamurti from Chenai, India
Julie Bertrand from Paris, France
R.Salazar from Panama,Panama
Karl Winger from Frankfurt, Germany
M.Rodriges from Barcelona, Spain
Larissa Levashova from Novorossiysk, Russia
Anastasia Levashova from Novorossiysk, Russia
Aleksandr Levashov from Novorossiysk, Russia
Nataly Shvetsov from Novorossiysk, Russia
Vladimir Shvetsov from Novorossiysk, Russia
H.Muller from Neustadt, Germany
U.Muller-Karow from Neustadt, Germany
M.Corobu from Bretaigne, France
Elena Polukhin from New York,USA
B.Nilsen from Cobenhavn, Denmark
Yuriy Makarov from Shatura,Russia
Alexey Kotenkov from Shatura,Russia
Galia Brechmanis from Shatura,Russia
Evelyne Cavaliere from Thoiry, France
Josephine H.Schenkes from Geneve, Switzerland
Suzanne Dubettier from Geneve, Switzerland
Rose-Nelly Rochat from Geneve, Switzerland
Ghisiaine Borgeaud from Geneve, Switzerland
Veronique Batardon from Geneve, Switzerland
Mary-Jane Ulmann from Geneve, Switzerland
Patrick Christen from Thoiry, France
Aendekerk Thomas from Klimmen, The Netherlands
Terez Toth from Budapest, Hungary
Claudia Tamaki from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mari Kanegae from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Keiko Abe from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Probst Manuela from Husum, Germany
Jonathan Baxter from Charlotte, USA
Gaidaenko Elena from Ulan-Ude