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The 3rd Origami Peace Tree Project

Here you can find all the people who sent their models to be shown on the 3rd Origami Peace Tree.

Hodosova Nastia from Omsk, Russia
Salnikov Artem from Moscow, Russia
Dima Pozdnyakov from Moscow, Russia
Pericles Boutos from Athens, Greece
Caleb B. from MT Penn,PA, USA
Chelsea U. from MT Penn,PA, USA
Zachary Blankenbiller from MT Penn,PA, USA
Marieke W. from MT Penn,PA, USA
Taylor U. from MT Penn,PA, USA
Nate II from MT Penn,PA, USA
Bien DeNurzo from MT Penn,PA, USA
Mathew U. from MT Penn,PA, USA
Doni Motze from MT Penn,PA, USA
Ryan U. from MT Penn,PA, USA
James Stadt from MT Penn,PA, USA
Oleg Kononov from Eniseysk, Russia
Chai Woo Ro from Inchon,Korea
Olga Luzik from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Vera Luzik from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Sveta Nedolivka from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Sergey Malinin from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Alina Krasnova from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Anna Selezneva from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Kostya Baranov from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Pavel Baranov from Pavlodar,Kazahstan
Ivan Mankevich from Baranovichi, Belorus
Ernesto R.Ramos C. from Guaymas,Mexico
LudmilaTokmakova from Pervomaysk,Ukraine
Viktor Tokmakov from Pervomaysk,Ukraine
Patrick Christen from Geneva ,Switzerland
Anja van der Wal-Pypers from Stiens, The Netherlands
Skuba Aleksandr from Novorossiysk,Russia
Mironenko Georgy from Novorossiysk,Russia
Aigera Abduraisova from Omsk,Russia
Olga Belyaeva from Omsk,Russia
Karina Arutunyan from Omsk,Russia
Nastya Lukyanova from Omsk,Russia
David Moell from Lenah Valley,Tasmania,Australia
Chebanets Alina from Novorossiysk, Russia
Kvichidze Lika from Novorossiysk, Russia
Telepen Misha from Novorossiysk, Russia
Komissarova Sonya from Novorossiysk, Russia
Ivanichsheva Kseniya from Novorossiysk, Russia
Dyakonova Marina from Novorossiysk, Russia
Pozdnyakova Valeriya from Novorossiysk, Russia
Naumova Anna from Novorossiysk, Russia
Minako Kanai from Tokyo, Japan
Yoshiko Ishikawa from Tokyo, Japan
Tsuyako Tsukada from Tokyo, Japan
Kimiko Toyama from Tokyo, Japan
Taeko Ishikawa from Tokyo, Japan
Naoko Sakurai from Tokyo, Japan
Keiko Samada from Tokyo, Japan
Yoshiko Inami from Tokyo, Japan
Toshiko Take from Tokyo, Japan
Mitsue Watanuki from Tokyo, Japan
Mitsuko Nakane from Tokyo, Japan
Sabur Sato from Tokyo, Japan
Hiroko Takeuchi from Tokyo, Japan
Nobuko Matsunaga from Tokyo, Japan
Makoto Shiokawa from Tokyo, Japan
Yuuzo Hata from Tokyo, Japan
Tsuruko Maruyama from Tokyo, Japan
Akiko Sakai from Tokyo, Japan
Tadae Kobashi from Tokyo, Japan
Jyo Shimoda from Tokyo, Japan
Toshio Matsuo from Tokyo, Japan
Tamiko Kikugawa from Tokyo, Japan
Kiyo Yoshizawa from Tokyo, Japan
Akira Yoshizawa from Tokyo, Japan
Zelie Wright-Neil from Bristol, VT, USA
Katchen McElwain from Bristol, VT, USA
Claire Corkins from Bristol, VT, USA
Kyoko Davis from Bristol, VT, USA
Yuki Davis from Bristol, VT, USA
Elaine Powell from Bristol, VT, USA
Ellie Powell from Bristol, VT, USA
Ann Johnson from Bristol, VT, USA
Alia Johnson from Bristol, VT, USA
Laura Martin from Bristol, VT, USA
Gail Martin from Bristol, VT, USA
Mari Kanegae from Sao Paolo, Brasil
Alesha Fedorinin from Moscow, Russia
Valentina Gonchar from Moscow, Russia
Irene Fung from Montreal, Canada
Voskanyan Angelika from Moscow,Russia
Okulov Dmitry from Moscow,Russia
Yachmenev Dmitry from Moscow,Russia
Kononenko Fedor from Moscow,Russia
Frolova Tamara from Moscow, Russia
Marushkina Anastasiya from Moscow, Russia
Snitkin Maksim from Moscow, Russia
Mesherekova Tatyana from Moscow, Russia
Yashina Alena from Moscow, Russia
Azuev Tamirlan from Moscow, Russia
Bukurova Elena from Novoyasenskaya-Krasnodar, Russia
Belim Svetlana from Omsk, Russia
Shurigina Tanya from Omsk, Russia
Buritzkaya Nina from Omsk, Russia
Marinina Angelina from Omsk, Russia
Denisova Nasta from Omsk, Russia
Gering Betti from Omsk, Russia
Sheykman Masha from Omsk, Russia
Shurigina Tanya from Omsk, Russia
Sirotkin Pasha from Omsk, Russia
Remezov Pasha from Omsk, Russia
Cirendorgieva Alina from Ulan-Ude,Russia
Dugarova Ergena from Ulan-Ude,Russia
Sosedova Vera from Ulan-Ude,Russia
Vshivtseva Ekaterina from Kazan, Russia
Kartseva Galina from Kazan, Russia
Kluev Sergey from Kazan, Russia
Klueva N. from Kazan, Russia
Kuzmicheva K. from Kazan, Russia
Yaroslavtseva Karina from Kazan, Russia
Vasyagina Antonina from Kazan, Russia
Vasyagina O. from Kazan, Russia
Nasibullin Leonid from Kazan, Russia
Minnullina Lilia from Kazan, Russia
Tymerbaeva F. from Kazan, Russia
Kuznetsova Nastya from Kazan, Russia
Khusainov Dinar from Kazan, Russia
Rull Alla from Kazan, Russia
Garafutdinova Elvira from Kazan, Russia
Juan Manuel Lima Rivas from La Paz, Bolivia
Henrry N. Delgado A. from La Paz, Bolivia
Fabian Palacios from La Paz, Bolivia
Franz Palacios from La Paz, Bolivia
J.Van Der Horst from Ede, The Netherlands
Betty Bekkers from Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands
Yaroslavtseva Vera from Kazan, Russia
Abrosimova Ludmila from Kazan, Russia
Lagunovich Oleg from Kazan, Russia
Bolotova Victoria from Kazan, Russia
Alferov Matvey from Kazan, Russia
Kurochkina Dasha from Kazan, Russia
Jose Arley Moreno from Palmira, Valle Columbia
Jose Tomas Buitrago from Palmira, Valle Columbia
Natasha Shvetsova from Novorossiysk ,Russia
Ekaterina Korzinkina from Novorossiysk ,Russia
Andrei Korzinkin from Novorossiysk ,Russia
Anastasya Levashova from Novorossiysk ,Russia
Aleksander Levashov from Novorossiysk ,Russia
Larissa Levashova from Novorossiysk ,Russia
Renzo Marini from Perugia,Italy
Mio Ono from Fukuoka, Japan
Chan Yew Meng from Singapore,Singapore
Alexander Rodriguez from Bogota,Colombia
Kalashnikova Aleksandra Alekseevna from Eniseisk , Russia
Tushev Maksim from Eniseisk , Russia
Semianova Irina from Eniseisk , Russia
Filimonova Galina from Eniseisk , Russia
Borovskix irina from Eniseisk , Russia
Ivanov Andrei from Eniseisk , Russia
Rudakovskaia Daria from Eniseisk , Russia
Cigankova Aleksandra from Eniseisk , Russia
Maria Borovskix from Eniseisk , Russia
Anna Duve from Victoria , Australia
Lonny van Kooij from Rozenburg,Holland
Mahinder Singh Sekhon from Kolkata, India,
Valeriy Polikarpov from Riga, Latvia
Shao Guo Hua from Dalian , China
Andy Poul Baehr from Copenhagen, Denmark
Din Zin from Djakarta , Indonesia
Silvisor Prunes from Mangalia, Romania
Ng Eng Soon from Singapore, Singapore
Kostoreva Yulia from Akulovskoe,Russia
Viaheslavov Maksim from Akulovskoe,Russia
Tarxanov Dima from Akulovskoe,Russia
Kuznecova Aleksandra from Akulovskoe,Russia
Borisov Dima from Akulovskoe,Russia
R.Namayakkra from Colombo,Shri Lanka
H.Bezema-Klok from Groningen,Nederland
Milton Bogossian from Rio de Janeiro,Brasil
Liao Jing from Dalian,China
Shvetcov Vladimir from Novorossiysk,Russia
Tokmakov Vladislav from Ukraina
Hideko Fukuda from Tokyo,Japan
Pedro Eduardo Pires from Brasil,Jundiai
Paulo Vitor Pires from Brasil,Jundiai
Rita Foelker from Brasil,Jundiai
Astrid Troost Faber from Holland,Netherlands
Michael Lim from Kaonsinng , Taiwan
Peak Bjomebye from Konsichang , Thailand
Manuel Mabalot Dorola from Manila , Philippines
Alex Tkhorev from Odessa ,Ukraine
Yuriy Bulaenko from Odessa ,Ukraine
Trees Daalder from Eindhoven,Netherlands
Kathy Meyer from Sheboygan,USA