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2008 Origami Peace Tree Festival Jerusalem

A notice from Miri Golan:
"According to the OPT tradition, each contributer receives a certificate of participation. Printing and mailing so many individual certificates is very expensive and time consuming and beyond our means. Perhaps we were in a sense a victim of our own success and of people's concern for Jerusalem - we noted how in previous OPTs most contributions (at most, less than 1,000) were from the host country, whereas perhaps 98% of our models came from overseas. We prefer to invest our time and funds on further peace-promoting activities. Therefore, we have prepared a printable certificate and a booklet available for download, which contributors are welcome to print out for themselves. We apologize for straying from the norm, but in our region it is far more important to put every resource available to promote peace. we ope everyone will understand our predicament."

Booklet Page 1
Booklet Page 2

Here you can find all the people who sent their models to be shown on the Origami Peace Tree 2008 in Jerusalem.

Joel Stern (teaching in the 5 schools below) from USA
121 students from Notre Dame Catholic Academy from Los Angeles, USA
94 students from St Marks School from Los Angeles, USA
95 students from the New Horizon Muslem School from Los Angeles, USA
49 students from Weizman Jewish Day School from Los Angeles, USA
215 students from Sinai Akiba Academy from Los Angeles, USA
Adam Wojcik from Poland
Adrienne Sack from USA
Agnieszka Efenburger from Poland
Agnieszka Efenburger from Poland
Aleksandra Cigankova from Eniseysk, Russia
Aleksandra Fus from Sulkowice, Poland
Aleksej Vasiljev from Russia
Alena Borisenko from Russia
Alexander Kuznetsov from Vologda, Russia
Alexander Levashov from Novorossiysk, Russia
Alexandra Kalishnikovs from Eniseysk, Russia
Alexandra Syhotina from Eniseysk, Russia
Anactasia Bondachuk from Omsk, Russia
Anamaria Goldan from Romania
Anastasia Alekseeva from Omsk, Russia
Anastasia Gribushina from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Anastasiay PavluhinaRussia from
Andreea-Veronica Romanescu from Romania
Andrei Alexandrov from Russia
Andrej Sobolev from Russia
Andrew Davis from USA
Anna Krzykawaska from Sulkowice, Poland
Anna Liszka from Sulkowice, Poland
Anna Mietka from Sulkowice, Poland
Anna Stepien from Poland
Anna Tekhnoryadova from Russia
Anna Zoltova from Moscow, Russia
Anton Artemov from Russia
Antoni Lorenc from Poland
Antoni Lorenc from Poland
Antselevich Ludmila Jurevna from Yeisk, Russia
Arina Pletneva from Omsk, Russia
Arline Young (Brighton Library Project) from Somerville MA, USA
Arnold Tubis from USA
Arseniy Trichin from Russia
Artem Nechaev from Russia
Artur Chrobak from Sulkowice, Poland
Asia Kurek from Poland
Asia Kurek from Poland
Barbara Biel from Sulkowice, Poland
Barbara Mcpharlin from USA
Bartosz Gebauer from Poland
Bartosz Gebauer from Poland
Bartosz Kociuba from Sulkowice, Poland
Beatrice-Georgiana Palade from Romania
B'nai Israel Congregation (1,000 cranes) from Gainsville FL, USA
Boaz Shuval from Israel/USA
Catalin Curecheriu from Romania
Chris Nkirthorn from USA
Claudia Ciobanu from Romania
Cosmina-Mihaela Onica from Romania
Daniel Cohen from USA
Daniel Karpov from Moldova
Daniel Sanders from USA
Daniel Wierzbicki from Poland
Daniel Wierzbicki from Poland
Danil Kazarezov from Russia
Daria-Teodora Olaru from Romania
Dasha Sudnic from Omsk, Russia
Dawid Czeremuszkin from Poland
Dawid Czeremuszkin from Poland
Dawid Kizinkiewicz from Sulkowice, Poland
Denis Bernikov from Russia
Diana Moldavskaia from Uman, Ukraine
Dima Froltsov from Russia
Dima Polnikov from Yeisk, Russia
Dominika Strek from Sulkowice, Poland
Dvora Rubin from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Eduard Anton from Romania
Eduard Bragar from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Eduard Tara from Romania
Egor Markovskiy from Russia
Ekaterina Bonderchuk from Omsk, Russia
Ekaterina Pecherskay from Russia
Elena Detshenya from Russia
Eliza Niewiadomska from Poland
Eliza Niewiadomska from Poland
Elizaveta Solodova from Russia
Emelian Enache from Romania
Emerson Elementary (42 5th Grade students) from Compton, CA, USA
Eric Cantor from USA
Eric Kuniholm from USA
Euginiy Yatsev from Russia
Eusebiu Stefanita from Romania
Evgen Tymchenko from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Evgeniay Pelevina from Russia
Evgeniy Chtefanyk from Eniseysk, Russia
Evgeniya Gosteva from Vologda, Russia
Ewelina Szypura from Poland
Faye Goldman from USA
Florence Temko from USA
Gabriela Jedrzejowska from Sulkowice, Poland
Gabriel-Abdrei Gaciu from Romania
Gabriela-Tatiana Olaru from Romania
Gabrielle Bleich from USA
George Vasilenko from Stavropol, Russia
Gizela Paakosz from Jelowa, Poland
Grazyna Karasinska-Kraszkiewicz from Poland
Grazyna Karasinska-Kraszkiewicz from Poland
Grenadiy Mironenko from Stavropol, Russia
Hanna Nowak from Poland
Hannah Lieberman from USA
Igor Morgulev from Russia
Igor Savenko from Stavropol, Russia
Ingeborg de Wolff from Netherlands
Iolanda Lupu from Romania
Irena Horodecka from Inowroclaw, Poland
Irene Edie from USA
Irina Bustrova from Russia
Irina Onisciuc from Moldova
Islam Safaraliev from Russia
Iulia Bunescu from Moldova
Iuliana Stavila from Romania
Ivan Khokhlov from Russia
Iwona Cudak from Sulkowice, Poland
Jacob Boyle from USA
Jane Rosemarin from USA
Jaroslav Lutchenko from Poltava, Ukraine
Jean Baden-Gillette from New York, USA
Joan Son from USA
Joanna Stoklosa from Sulkowice, Poland
John Andrisan from USA
John B Weiss from New York City, USA
Jonathan Baxter from New Zealand
Jonathan Harvey from USA
Jonathan Phillips from USA
Joseph Mandel from USA
Julia Dobrzyaska from Poland
Julia Dobrzynska from Poland
Julia Panczyszyn from Poland
Julia Panczyszyn from Poland
Julia Pietrzykowska from Poland
Julia Pietrzykowska from Poland
Julia Swiatlowska from Poland
Julia Swiatlowska from Poland
Julie Ustin from USA
Julya Morokova from Yeisk, Russia
Justin Perez from USA
Justyna Willecka from Sulkowice, Poland
Kamila Bikturova from Russia
Kamila Kozlak from Sulkowice, Poland
Kamila Skiwinska from Poland
Kamila Sliwinska from Poland
Karina Vlasova from Russia
Karolina Boczkaja from Sulkowice, Poland
Karolina Lasota from Poland
Karolina Lasota from Poland
Kasia Grosicka from Poland
Kasia Grosicka from Poland
Katarzyna Grosicka from Poland
Katarzyna Grosicka from Poland
Katarzyna Rak from Sulkowice, Poland
Katea Ivancenco from Moldova
Katea Slobodzean from Moldova
Kathy Knapp from USA
Katia Gabrielian from Russia
Katiy Cigankova from Eniseysk, Russia
Katja Kizeeva from Russia
Katya Alekseeva from Omsk, Russia
Kostja Pipich from Russia
Kristina Burdogova from Yeisk, Russia
Krzysztof Wawrzyniak from Poland
Krzysztof Wawrzyniak from Poland
Kuba Olczak from Poland
Kuba Olczak from Poland
Lena Gudkova from Russia
Lena Kaprova from Russia
Lena Skirya from Yeisk, Russia
Leonid Golovin from Vologda, Russia
Leonid Pakhotia from Omsk, Russia
Lera Karnayhova from Russia
Lesik Pidgornyy from Frankfurt, Germany
Lillian Baner from USA
Lisa Wagner from Omsk, Russia
Livia Kodii from Poland
Livia Kodii from Poland
Loredana Tara from Romania
Lorena-Cristiana Alexandru from Romania
Luba Karachova from Eniseysk, Russia
Luba Leonova from Russia
Ludmila Parfenova from Russia
Lukasz Krzyzek from
Macha Kalistratova from Eniseysk, Russia
Macha Popliukova from Eniseysk, Russia
Maciej Pitala from Sulkowice, Poland
Maciej Torun from Poland
Maciej Torun from Poland
Madhura Sane from USA
Magdalena Magiera from Sulkowice, Poland
Malwina Wachowicz from Poland
Malwina Wachowitz from Poland
Margaret van Sicklen from USA
Margarita Antonova from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Mariana-Madalina Onica from Romania
Marianne Mesni from Lachen, Switzerland
Mariay Uchakova from Russia
Marina Carpova from Moldova
Marina Sava from Moldova
Marius Marian from Romania
Mark-Andrei Roitburd from Romania
Marti Reis from USA
Martin Lebula from Jelowa, Poland
Martyna Kowalczyk from Poland
Mary-Ann Scheblein-Dawson from New York, USA
Masha Pantuhina from Russia
Masha Shuljak from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Mateusz Malecki from Poland
Mateusz Malecki from Poland
Mateusz Sikorski from Poland
Mateusz Sikorski from Poland
Micha Gigalov from Eniseysk, Russia
Michael Reggenburg from USA
Michal Pruszynska from Poland
Michal Pruszynski from Poland
Mikhail Isakov from Vologda, Russia
Mikolaj Lukasik from Poland
Mikolaz Lukasic from Poland
Mina Bunescu from Moldova
Misha Parfenov from Russia
Nadia Salnikova from Russia
Nancy Brokaw from USA
Nastia Vasileva from Eniseysk, Russia
Nastja Chugunova from Russia
Nastja Gusarova from Russia
Nastya Valdanova from Omsk, Russia
Nataliya Alekseeva from Omsk, Russia
Nataliya Gosteva from Vologda, Russia
Nataliya Ukrainstev from Omsk, Russia
Nicoleta sava from Moldova
Nikita Bazaev from Vologda, Russia
Nikita Belousov from Eniseysk, Russia
Nikita Vlasov from Russia
Nikita Yefremov from Vologda, Russia
Nikolay Churugin from Russia
Noa Glazer from USA
Noemi Frunza from Romania
Oana-Dorina Sibechi from Romania
Oana-Maria Lupu from Romania
Oksana Libek from Uzhorod, Ukraine
Ola Trocinska from Poland
Ola Trocinska from Poland
Oleg Velykoborets from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Oleg Yakymchuk from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Olesya Gabalik from Omsk, Russia
Olga Majka from Poland
Olga Majka from Poland
Oliy Tolova from Eniseysk, Russia
Olya Berezneva from Yeisk, Russia
Osim Razaev from Eniseysk, Russia
Patricja malek from Poland
Patrycja Madej from Poland
Paul Deleanu from Romania
Paulina Michalowska from Poland
Paulina Michalowska from Poland
Pavlo Polinjaka from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
PC Rate from USA
Petronel Chelmu from Romania
Polina Baceko from Eniseysk, Russia
Polina Fedoseeva from Russia
Rachel Brody from USA
Rachel Katz from USA
Rafael CosmanUSA from
Rafal Bochenek from Sulkowice, Poland
Rafal Garbien from Sulkowice, Poland
Razvan-Constantin Iftimie from Romania
Razvan-Gheorghe Aprotosoaie from Romania
Razvan-Ionut Odobasa from Romania
Robert Irimia from Romania
Robert Yedidsion from USA
Ros Joyce from USA
Rose Malinconio (United Federation of Teachers) from Oakland Gardens, NY, USA
Roxan Tiron from Romania
Roxana-Elena Noparca from Romania
Ryda Rose from USA
Samuel Solokin from USA
Sanja Srbijinovic Cucek from Croatia
Sasha Gabrielian from Russia
Sasha Kuznetsov from Russia
Sasha Maksimov from Eniseysk, Russia
Sasha Pankratev from Russia
Semen Toporov from Russia
Semon Vergela from Eniseysk, Russia
Sergei Chub from
Seweryn Skoneczny from Poland
Seweryn Skoneczny from Poland
Shall Fang Yee from USA
Silvan Tara from Romania
Slava Suzdalskiy from Eniseysk, Russia
Sofiay Polovceva from Russia
Steve Terr from USA
Steven Morisi from New York, USA
Sue Ann Chu from USA
Sveta Besman from Omsk, Russia
Sveta Gainutdinova from Russia
Sykan Rostyslav from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Sylwia Boczkaja from Sulkowice, Poland
Tanea Pocrovskaia from Moldova
Tatiana Kleimenova from Omsk, Russia
Tatiana Sheykman from Russia
Tatiana Sikorskaya from Omsk, Russia
Tatjana Serzhantova from Russia
Teodor Bivol from Moldova
Teodor Lupu from Romania
Teodora Barlescu from Romania
Timotei Olaru from Romania
Toma Manolache from Romania
Tomasz Kociuba from Sulkowice, Poland
Tudor-Gabriel Avadanie from Romania
Uliay Karlova from Russia
Valentina V Gonchar from Russia
Valentina V Gonchar from Russia
Vanja Mironov from Russia
Varay Dikih from Russia
Variy Gorbunova from Eniseysk, Russia
Variy Gorbunova from Eniseysk, Russia
Vera Makyckai from Omsk, Russia
Victor Alekseenko from Moscow, Russia
Victor Obydenny from Moscow, Russia
Vitaliy Kumratov from Eniseysk, Russia
Vladas Mizgeris from Eniseysk, Russia
Vladislav Efremov from Omsk, Russia
Vlad-Paul Ghilas from Romania
Vova Erchov from Eniseysk, Russia
Vyktoriya Schel'netskaya from Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Wojciech Biela from Sulkowice, Poland
Yana Mishenko from Yeisk, Russia
Yulia Krivosheina from Eniseysk, Russia
Yulia Vasilenko from Russia
Yuliya Kostareva from Vologda, Russia
Zuzanna Kaminska from Poland
Zuzanna Kaminska from Poland
Zuzanna Urbanczyk from Sulkowice, Poland