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2008 Origami Peace Tree Festival Romania
"Let's make the paper come to life"

The Organizers:
Liceul Teoretic "Miron Costin" Iasi
International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

A.D.I.S.E. NGO (Association for Social and Educational Development and Intervention)

The Host:
Liceul Teoretic "Miron Costin" Iasi

3rd-9th of November, 2008

Liceul Teoretic "Miron Costin" Iasi

Deadline for sending models:
15th of October, 2008 (date of postmark)

Contact Person:
Ms. Loredana Tara

Address for sending models:
Eduard Tara (OPT 2008)
Bd.Alexandru cel Bun 15
bl.E3, sc.D, et.4, ap.19
Iasi 700573

Guidelines for Sending Origami

Dear origami friends of any ages, we are waiting for your origami works in Iasi, Romania. We invite you to participate in this great event to enrich the Origami Garden with another tree. We also hope to have many enthusiastic friends in other countries, who will continue this unique and wonderful project which started in Russia in 2000.

We are honored to be the host of OPT in 2008. In Romanian language, OPT means… 8 (eight) and we believe this is not an accidental thing.

Also, we are glad to be close to the Italian origami friends and to give them a helping hand switching the periods of our festivals. Because we were prepared to host the next spring festival, we will send your diplomas until the beginning of the March 2009. We still hope that in the spring of 2009 we will have the chance to meet again in the Origami Garden, this time at the Italian Peace Tree.

You can send up to 3 of your favorite origami figurines. Please do not attach any string to the models. Write legibly on a postal card (from your town) your name, your age, the name of the models, the name of your origami instructor, your mail and e-mail address. For modulars, please take care to have strong links.

To be sure that your figurines have arrived, please contact us by e-mail (at subject write OPT Romania 2008) when you send the parcel. We will confirm you the receiving by e-mail.

To origami teachers/instructors who have pupil-participants to our festival, we can send an official certificate (if they require). In this case, we will inclose the pupils' diplomas in the same envelope and send them to the address of the teacher/instructor.

During the festival, we will have other activities related to origami. The whole schedule will be post on So, we are waiting for your submissions for an international symposium on the different aspects of origami (pedagogical, historical, mathematical, regional or personal experiences etc.) and for an international haiku contest.

We are waiting for all of you (regardless of your origami skills) in the Origami Garden at the Romanian Peace Tree!

We love Peace! We love Origami!