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Origami Peace Tree Festival 2015

21st Century - It's time for World Peace! Let us live in Peace on Earth!

The 17th Origami Peace Tree festival is dedicated to the 70th anniversaries of the Second World War End and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear tragedy.

The Organizers:
International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"
Museum-Theatre "Peace Tree"

The Host:
International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

1st - 13th of September, 2015

City Exhibition Hall, Novorossiysk, Russia

Contact Person:
Alex Levashov

Address for sending models:
Alex Levashov
Origami Peace Tree Festival
P.O. Box 248, Novorossiysk, Russia, 353907

The deadline to receive models is the 15th of August, 2015 (please make sure that your models arrive before that date)

Guidelines for Sending Origami

  • We WILL accept:
    • stars, ornaments, kusudamas, modulars, decorations, people, dolls, masks, origami architecture, spirals, tessellations, pop-up cards, fabric origami, iris folding, quilting
    • butterflies, flowers
    • money folding: hearts with your country's fake (souvenir) money
  • Models must not be less than 10 cm along the shortest dimension (except for money folds)
  • For each model include a card (5x10 cm or 2x4 inch, white cardboard) with the following information
    • Name of the model (block letters)
    • Name of the designer (block letters)
    • Name of the folder (block letters)
    • Email address for diploma (block letters)
    • Mail address (block letters)
  • All the models need to be strong
  • When sending, please wrap your model
  • All models sent for OPT 2015 become the property of the Host according to the rules of OPT.
  • Do not forget to include your email address for the diploma.
We hope and believe, All of You, the Peaceful People, will take part and support the OPT 2015!

We love Peace! We love Origami!